Remembering Chadwick Boseman


Arianna Magana, Freshman

On August 28, 2020, the world lost a hero, Chadwick Boseman, due to an illness everyone had anticipated he would overcome. 

Boseman died from colon cancer at the age of 43. In 2016, he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.  There were strong hopes for his recovery; however, over time it developed into stage 4 while he was still being treated. 

Just like his infamous portrayal of Black Panther, he continued fighting his illness for 4 years but unfortunately lost his battle. He passed away with his family by his side. Boseman kept his illness hidden from the public for 4 years and the day he passed was when the world shockingly discovered he had cancer.

His popular and groundbreaking movie, Black Panther, came out in 2018 and he was able to film while undergoing serious medical treatments at the same time, which truly shows how much of a hero he is. Oprah Winfrey stated, “What a gentle gifted SOUL. Showing us all that Greatness in between surgeries and chemo. The courage, the strength, the Power it takes to do that. This is what Dignity looks like.”

There were so many movies that he was a part of that made him such an inspirational person and actor. He will forever be memorialized in the Avengers films and in some historically iconic roles such as 42, where he played famed baseballer Jackie Robinson, Get on Up portraying the infamous James Brown and Marshall, as Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court Justice.   

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, Tweeted: “[He] inspired generations and showed them that they can be anything they want- even superheroes.” Many young Black people looked up to him, because he was able to be the first black superhero who illustrated an abundance of courage.

Chadwick Boseman may be gone, but he will forever be remembered as a fantastic superhero and actor while he lives in our hearts. Wakanda Forever.