Smile, Katy Perry’s New Album


Alex Silva , Junior

Following three long awaited years, Katy Perry’s sixth studio album, Smile, was released on August 28, 2020. 

After Perry’s fifth studio album, Witness, struggled to resonate with fans, she succumbed to depression and felt she had lost her creativity as an artist. Through Smile, Perry documents her journey of taking control over her mental health and tells Apple Music,“This is a record full of hope.” 

Embarking into motherhood was the inspiration Perry needed to continue her journey as an artist. Her final stepping stone in finding happiness anew was giving birth to her first child, Daisy, on the same day Smile was released. 

In this album, each song holds a different meaning about life; “Cry About It Later” is a metaphor for finding pleasantries and goodness while existing and forgetting about the past; “Resilient” has to do with withstanding the hardships people go through; and “Not the End of the World” is Perry’s way of telling people to get up on your feet after failure and moving on. 

The overarching theme of Smile is hope. She tells her fans to smile and find light at the end of the tunnel because out of every hardship comes something better.

The album itself is pop, filled with sub-genres of disco, R&B, rap, electric and dance. Maria Mercado, a fellow noble said, “I never really liked Katy Perry but this album was a good 9/10”.  

Although Perry may have ruined her streak of perfection with her previous release of Witness, she is definitely making a comeback as the teenage dream Pop Princess that dominated the 2010s.