New To Netflix, Erased: The Anime

New To Netflix, Erased: The Anime

Briana Johns, Freshman

The anime, Erased, is set in 2006, and the story begins in Hokkaido, Japan. Protagonist, Satoru Fujinuma, is a 29-year-old man who possesses an ability called ¨Revival.¨ This power allows Satoru to go back in time for a few seconds before an accident or incident occurs in the near future in order to stop a disaster from happening.

After a mysterious situtation leaves Satoru framed for murder, he gets sent back in time to February 28th, 1988 – a disturbing era of his childhood where a series of kidnappings and killings took place. Believing that Satoru’s outcome was linked to these events, he must now find the culprit and save the lives of the victims. 

Those who have watched Erased have been swept off their feet by what the anime brings to the table. Joshua E. explained that,¨The anime Erased is good to watch because it takes crime and thriller along with a coming of age drama and some time travel.  It molds them together to make a magnificent tale. The plot and story is very compelling and the way they handle the situations given are just truly amazing.¨ 

Erased also provides viewers with an enemy that brings an interesting mix of conflict and mystery to the plot. Luke P. stated, ¨The antagonist was very refreshing compared to other villains. They were unusual due to their behaviour as well as their personal background, making them an enigma to not only the characters but to the person watching as well.”       

The show’s conclusion differentiates themselves from other anime series by showing how the plot can be twisted with just a few actions made by the characters. The end of Erased is known to send people on an emotional roller coaster.

Overall, Erased is a unique anime that will capture the hearts of viewers with its compelling narrative and a bittersweet finale that tugs at the audience’s heartstrings.