Covid-19 cases continue to rise in the US and around the world


Alexandra German, Freshman

The number of COVID-19 cases has been continuously rising around the world, every day bringing in an abundance of new positive test results. Instead of moving forward and overcoming this virus, we seem to just be moving backward. 

On Friday, October 2, President Trump and the First Lady, Melania Trump, announced that they were exposed and tested positive for COVID-19, and were quarantined in their home. 

During this pandemic, only two states lowered their number of people infected. CNN News reported on October18, 2020: “Missouri and Vermont recorded a 10% improvement in the average number of reported cases over the past week.” 

Only four states have reopened their schools for the students to attend learning full time in the classroom, which include Iowa, Texas, Florida, and Arkansas. It is mandatory to wear a mask in the classroom at all times. 

France currently has one of the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world. They have a curfew in place due to the aggressive spread of the virus in their country. People not following the curfew from 6 a.m to 9 p.m are fined 135 Euros.

As of right now, no one knows when the vaccines will be officially released. This pandemic is terrifying and dangerous for everyone. All we can do is get tested for COVID-19 when we display symptoms, stay sanitized, keep our distance and wear a mask.