Online Multiplayer game Among Us takes off during quarantine


Brianna Johns, Freshman

Among Us is a mobile game that was first released on June 15th, 2018 and was available on PC on August 17th, 2018. 

The game is fairly simple: the imposters are the killers in the game and crewmates have to finish their tasks without getting killed.

Among Us allows players to have creativity with the character they want to play by; customizing their avatar with hats, colors and even giving them pets.  

You can also change how many active imposters you want there to be in the game settings. The maximum number is three. In the game, there are 10 crewmates, 1 to 3 can be imposters. 

Crewmates go around the map and do their tasks, and if they discover a body, they have to report it. After an individual has reported a body, the players have to guess who the imposters are.  Players either have the option to skip or eject someone they think is suspicious, leading to the new meme “sus” popular among teenagers today.  If they guess wrong, the game is down a player and it keeps going. 

Raziel B. expressed that, “Among Us is a very fun game where you need to be deceitful and strategic, whether you’re an imposter or a crewmate.” 

The dead players can still do tasks and help other crewmates. However, they can’t report dead bodies or vote people out. Imposters can also help their own team if there are multiple imposters. They can sabotage the game to their advantage, granting them an easier time to eliminate crewmates. 

Yasmin A. also explained,“Among us is a nice game and tests your critical thinking skills, especially when it comes to claiming your innocence. I love how it tests your ability to be convincing. The concept is unique but also so simple, the tasks and roles for the players are really well done.” 

Overall, Among Us is a simple yet fun game that you can play with friends that allows for advanced perception skills in order to win.