Netflix’s next eye-catching anime: Brand New Animal


Kristin Junio, Senior

Studio Trigger’s latest anime, Brand New Animal (BNA), premiered on Netflix worldwide on June 30th, 2020. 

The protagonist, Michiru Kagemori, finds herself transformed into a Beastman, a persecuted species that can switch between humans and anthropomorphic animals. 

Michiru escapes to a refuge called Anima City, where she meets a wolf Beastman named Shirou Oogami and works with him to unravel Anima City’s conspiracies while also searching for a way to become human again.

Studio Trigger is a rising anime studio that recently gained popularity. They are known for their other animations such as Promare, Kill la Kill, Darling in the FranXX, Kiznaiver and Little Witch Academia, which gathered a very devoted fan base. These productions also tend to discuss dark topics and themes, and Brand New Animal is no exception.

BNA has received praise for their unique take on oppression by having the protagonist go through life as a Beastman. Senior, Jizel Sanchez, says that “BNA shows persecution through the perspective of someone who did not have that problem. The protagonist is someone understanding a concept she never had to deal with- unless she was a minority. Race can’t be changed on a whim … [and] this is a difficult subject to talk about.” 

Studio Trigger program’s have aesthetically pleasing visuals, making every scene in BNA breathtaking. BNA’s bright and flashy color scheme, as well as having inspiration from late night city aesthetics, makes the show pure eye candy. Senior, Bianca Estrada, commented, “From the moment I saw the first scene, I was utterly captivated. The art style is unique and is overall very pleasant to look at.” 

 As the plot thickens, the audience watches multiple fight scenes during Michiru and Shirou’s various adventures. The clashes in BNA are full of fast-paced brawls, high-quality animation and boldness, guaranteeing to have the viewer’s eyes glued to the screen all while discovering more about Anima City and the many threats Beastmen go through.

Overall, Brand New Animal draws in audiences with its dazzling art designs, exciting fight scenes and an engaging plot that also discusses serious topics relevant to life today.