The Ongoing Battle of AMD vs. Intel


Marielle Ambulo, Freshman

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel processors have been improving consistently every year, sparking debate over which one is the better option. 

Though Intel has been in the lead for quite some time, AMD is catching up, claiming that they now have the fastest processors.

For years, Intel has undoubtedly had the fastest CPUs on the market, coming out with processors that have performance like no other, but AMD has been decreasing the gap. After AMD’s release of the Ryzen 5000 processors, many agree that they now have the fastest processors. 

When it comes to performance in gaming, AMD processors are highly known for being mid-range but powerful. While they can easily handle multitasking, Intel is better for more single task operations. Having more cores and threads lets AMD have the multitasking advantage over Intel. 

Overclockers do prefer Intel processors much more than AMD, since they offer higher overclocking possibilities, because they have much higher performance despite the lack of cores and threads.

Simple PC users prefer AMD over Intel, as they only use it for tasks such as gaming and light streaming; therefore, the highest performing CPUs are not completely necessary. “AMD is just easy and simple,” said game enthusiast, Daniel Rax, from Nogales High School.

Overall, it comes down to what the user is  trying to achieve with their PC.