Positions, Ariana Grande’s New Album


Alex Silva, Junior

After releasing two phenomenal albums back to back two years ago, Ariana Grande finally released her sixth studio album, Positions, on October 30th, 2020.

After her two most recent albums, Sweetener and Thank U, Next, phased between bliss and grief, Positions searches for peace and acceptance, creating an overarching theme where understanding that pain and loss are a part of life, but so are pleasure and love. 

Almost every song holds a different meaning. The first track, “shut up”, radiates Ariana’s confidence by letting the listeners know that this is her world and everyone else is just living in it. 

“Just like magic” blows a kiss to her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller in which she sings, “Take my pen and write some love letters to heaven.” 

She also collaborates with fellow artist, The Weeknd, on “off the table”, producing a song that’s both alluring and sad. 

Positions is a heavy record; Grande fills it up with R&B beats, backgrounded by orchestral strings. “34+35” easily demonstrates this by having a peculiar yet addicting sound. The song is a titillated fanciful one that really sets the tone for the album’s more explicit side. Grande executes this song so gracefully that one might forget what the song is actually about *wink*wink*.

Arguably at the peak of the pop mogul’s career, Grande delivers a stunning album that resonated with fans. Senior, Amy Salazar, feels that, “[Grande’s] album is very motivating to help people overcome their insecurities. I feel the album is basically saying love yourself and to just do you.” 

With its romantic highs and seductive feel to its fear of love and grief-stricken scars, Positions debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts becoming only the fourth album by a female artist to reach #1 in 2020. 

Grande really conveys her virtuosity in Positions, creating a whimsical, flirtatious and alluring album.