Nike SB Dunk Lawsuit against Warren Lotas


Daniel Torres, Senior

The popular streetwear brand, Warren Lotas, is well known for their vintage-styled designs and their popular usage of skeletons and skulls. The majority of Lotas’ products include their reworks on basketball jerseys including big graphics. However, the company took a big risk when they decided to rework the popular Nike Dunk silhouette.

Warren Lotas made this shoe to celebrate 40 years of pop culture icon Jason Voorhees. Priced at $300, Warren limited the release to only 2,000 pairs of the shoe on August 2, 2020, as a pre-order. There were three versions of the sneaker that all mimicked the very popular and expensive Nike SB Dunks. 

Many criticized the shoe by Warren, because it was considered disrespectful to the original colorways, like the $5,000 Heinekens or the $3,000 Stussys. 

However, Warren saw this as an opportunity and decided to release another colorway that collaborated with Jeff Staples, but this time as an unlimited release that retailed at $300. Nike took offense to this and decided to sue Warren Lotas.

According to Complex, Nike is suing because, “…Lotas’ look alike footwear is confusing the marketplace by using the ‘Dunk’ name and a logo comparable to the Swoosh.” 

A small company versus the mega corporation, Nike, has caused the community to believe that Warren will most likely lose the lawsuit. Nike of course has hired the best lawyers, while Warren has tried to stay afloat, by assuring his customers that everything with their orders will turn out fine. However, Nike ordered Warren Lotas to cancel all the orders for the Nike Dunk with Jeff Staples, which Warren agreed to do. 

Warren did not want to disappoint his fans, so Warren decided to replace the orders by giving customers three options with another Nike Dunk lookalike, this time called the “WL Reapers” and replaced the Jason Voorhees swoosh with a giant Reaper skull.

Nike is also suing the replacement sneakers that Warren Lotas is offering, and is making him stop producing any bootleg of Nike at all. 

Warren is in a tough spot, but that doesn’t matter because according to Abraham Ramos, “Warren Lotas made a lot of money on the first ones he dropped.”  

Warren has decided to take more precautions now that he is tangled in the lawsuit in which Nike will most likely come out as the victor. 

Warren has recently stopped taking pre-orders, as he doesn’t want another Nike situation, where he disappoints his customers and is forced to refund their money. 

Warren has been getting a lot of heat for his sneaker fail, and has tried to make it up to his customers by offering them many gifts as a form of an apology.