Review on the short film Magen is Missing

Review on the short film Magen is Missing

Jasmine Vargas, Freshman

The following includes spoilers, so read with caution. Megan is Missing is a short movie about a girl who meets a boy online. 

Her best friend tries to find her after she goes missing but ends up getting abducted as well. 

The movie is disturbing due to graphic imagery and sexual situations, so it is recommended that you mentally prepare yourself before watching.

Megan is Missing was made in 2011, but around two weeks ago, it was brought up again due to the online platform, TikTok.

The images and events in this movie are not real, but this story that is told in this film is something that happens every single day. 

The film reminds viewers that it is always best to proceed with caution when interacting with others online.

The director of Megan is Missing, Michael Goi, aimed to film an “air of reality”, so he cast lesser-known actors. 

Goi says the film was directed from experience working with a forensics investigator on another project, and his dissatisfaction with programs like To Catch a Predator for their “sensationalistic” portrayal of internet predators. 

The filmmaker, who’s gone on to shoot shows like American Horror Story, wanted to make something “raw” to capture real events that could or have occurred when kids trust the wrong people online.