New Vice President Elect Kamala Harris – the first woman in the White House

New Vice President Elect Kamala Harris - the first woman in the White House

Brianna Johns, Freshman

Vice President-Elect, Kamala Devi Harris, was born October 20, 1964 in Oakland, California. 

In 2016, she was elected to senate and began her first term as a representative of California the following year. She was elected in the year 2020 to be our first female vice president, alongside President-Elect Joe Biden.

Yesenia A. has high hopes for Harris to change our country for the better, stating, “I think she’s a good person and will hopefully be able to help with problems and help make a better society.” 

Harris graduated from Howard University, the University of California and Hastings College of the Law. Throughout 1990 to 1998, she worked as a deputy district attorney in Oakland, afterwards becoming the first Indian-American as well as the second African-American woman to serve as a US senator.

 Student Brian J. shared that he was glad that such an experienced politician is in the White House stating, “I don’t know much about her. But I believe that she’s qualified for the position and will hopefully be a great Vice president.”

Kamala has a reputation of prosecuting against gang violence, sexual abuse and drug trafficking.

Smart On Crime, a book she wrote alongside Joan O’C. Hamilton, is considered a model for handling criminal recidivism.

Kamala Harris will strive to be an influential vice president that will make a difference for the country, and for the people of our nation.