Guidelines for the reopening of Universal Studios


Andrew Valles, Junior

The state of California has given out guidelines for the reopening of theme parks.

Universal Studios is expected to reopen when Los Angeles county gets into the least restrictive tier. Currently, Los Angeles is at tier 1 (widespread) out of the 4 tiers.

California Health and Human Services secretary, Mark Ghaly, stated during a news conference, “In terms of the California visits, those are upcoming, and together the information and the dialogue with our theme park operators across the state will help us land in a place that I think we can all feel confident…”

Guidelines given by the state make it mandatory for Universal Studios to limit their capacity to a quarter of their size. Indoor restaurants will also follow this protocol to limit their capacity to 25%. Additionally, visitors and workers are required to wear facemasks.

Other safety measures include an increase in cleaning and disinfection procedures and workers undergoing temperature checks. All workers will have to participate in training on the new policies. At the moment, Universal Studios does not have a reopening date.

Due to the widespread tier of the COVID-19 virus, the reopening of Universal Studios Hollywood is nearly impossible. For theme parks to reopen, the county must reach the Yellow “minimal” tier. 

State officials inspected the reopening of theme parks in Florida to help California learn what they can do to reopen sectors of the economy. “While we take people’s word for information that they provide us, we want to see things for ourselves,” says Governor Newsom.