Nogales Journalism: The Heart of Nogales


Marielle Ambulo, Freshman

The Noble Times is the Nogales Journalism elective which is the heart of Nogales High School. In this class, students work together to compose and publish articles for other students to read about school news, entertainment stories, and pop culture. 

When writing stories, students have creative freedom over their work. Joining journalism offers a stage for students to put their interests into the spotlight and share them with their peers. It also encourages students to be more involved with the school.

In addition to sharing interests, students are given a voice that they can use to spread awareness on real-world problems. Examples could be the articles on the Black Lives Matter movement and recent news on COVID-19. Journalism is a class to share your thoughts and ideas, Henry Anatole Grunwald, Time Magazine‘s Editor-in-Chief, said, “Journalism can never be silent: that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault.”

Journalism is also an opportunity to learn more about various events happening in the world. It requires students to do research, which provides a great learning experience. “It teaches you real-world skills,” shared Dr. Zelnick, the advisor for our school’s Journalism class.

Students have to write one article each month on a topic of their choice. Frequently these articles can improve the students’ writing capabilities while allowing them to express themselves. It can provide an opportunity to learn about different interests people have. 

Nogales High School’s journalism also has a great community. The teacher and students have a wonderful relationship and everyone treats each other like family. The class is very flexible and understanding of everyone’s time and schedule outside of the class.

Overall, joining Nogales Journalism gives you the freedom to quite literally write about whatever you want,  and it is an amazing opportunity