Nogales Electives for 2021-2021 School Year

Nogales Electives for 2021-2021 School Year

Kimberly Espinosa, Senior

For Nogales freshman, sophomores and juniors, the 2nd semester of the 2020-2021 school year has just started, but it’s already time to start planning for the next school year. Students must have 80 elective credits done in order to graduate high school. There are many electives to choose from, which will suit almost everyone’s interests.

The following are some elective categories that Nogales offers: engineering/construction/ transportation, public services, theater, and performing arts. There are different courses in each category that all students are able to take. 

The engineering related categories include the following: Auto 1, 2, 3, and engineering classes. These electives would be perfect for students who are interested in going into an engineering field, construction, or are just interested in automotives.

In the public services category, there is criminal justice, forensic science, psychology/sociology, and law enforcement academy. These classes are a great fit for students who are interested in crime scene investigation, knowing the legal system and understanding how the human mind works. 

Theater and performing arts have many options available for students who enjoy performing, whether it is dance, theater, playing an instrument, singing or any form of entertainment. Nogales offers classes such as marching band, orchestra (beginning and intermediate), advanced dance, drill team, cheer and colorguard.

Nogales not only offers theater and performing arts, our school also offers classes for visual arts, whether you’re a talented artist or someone who’s just starting, there is a class for everyone: ceramics 1, ceramics 2, art and advanced art.

Senior, Adrian Duarte is able to pursue classes that he truly loves which he explains about his favorite elective, “I like auto because I’m able to work and learn about my passion which is cars.”

Mr. Woodside the AP psychology teacher is very passionate about the classes he teaches:  “AP Psychology is a fascinating class that not only prepares you for the AP examination in Psychology, but also helps you to understand a little more about human behavior in general. It is an excellent class for all students whether they wish to explore a career in psychology or not. While the class has its challenges, the AP psychology exam is one of the more manageable exams the college board offers.” 

There are so many not mentioned but more information on the different electives can be found on the Nogales website or you can email your counselors for information.