Nogales High School Electives for the 2021-2022 School Year


Jasmine Vargas, Freshman

There are so many electives that students have the access to at Nogales High School, spanning from accounting to media art. There is bound to be a subject to peak your interest for next year.  

Accounting and business is an elective that teaches you about financial services like accounting and they also teach you about marketing and sales. There are a lot of benefits like college credits and you will acquire an understanding of financial skills.

The Art elective teaches you about drawing, fine arts, the principles of art and abstract art. Ms.Wei also shows you what it’s like to become an artist. 

Choir is about the balance of harmony and how to make music. It teaches you another way of expressing yourself, as well as how to work with other people. 

If you choose to take Foods & Nutrition, you will learn about safety, sanitation, equipment and measuring in the art of cooking. You will begin learning about certain foods such as pies, soup and quick breads. Later on, you will discuss nutrition, diets and a variety of cultural foods.

In Health & Medical, students are offered diversified health occupations: medical assisting administrative and medical assisting clinical. Additionally, you will learn CPR, how to take vital signs and how to provide quality patient care. You will be provided opportunities to travel, compete and gain leadership as well as internship opportunities.

Photography is an elective that will teach you how to edit photos using a professional program, as well as how to film and take photographs. Taking this elective gives you experience in those skills while also giving you a chance to earn free college credits.

The elective of Digital Visual Media Arts consists on how to photoshop and how to do digital coloring, You will also remake movie or video game covers, create landscape paintings, learn character design, make portrait paintings and how to make GIFs. You will also be granted the opportunity to earn college credits. 

These are just a few of the electives Nogales has to offer, which gives students the opportunity to get college credits and learn new skills.