Covid-19 Updates


Boston Wu , Junior

Almost a year ago, schools and cities were shut down due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak; otherwise, known as the coronavirus pandemic, and the proud nation of America began to crumble beneath its wrath.

With a total of 110 million cases and 2.42 million deaths, COVID-19 has become one of the few diseases to leave our world and nation in shambles. With a national debt of $21 trillion and being the leading country for COVID-19 cases with a whopping 27.8 million cases and over 500,000 deaths, our future isn’t looking so bright. 

However, there is hope; numerous research facilities around the world have been racing to churn out an effective vaccine for frontline workers, so they can continue supporting our country. According to HealthLine, Novavax’s latest vaccine is nearly, “…90% effective at preventing” chances of catching the virus by developing antibodies to fight back. The Biden Administration even announced that the “…weekly vaccine supply going out to states increased by more than 20%” this week, making it a total 13.5 million doses.

To top it all off, we had a small, yet recent decline in COVID-19 cases around the globe. For the past week, cases lowered worldwide by 16%, according to the World Health Organization, coupled with a 10% decrease in deaths caused by the virus. 

With this knowledge in hand, it means that we are a few steps closer to returning to our normal lives– the one where we could hang out with our friends, visit loved ones and eat out at some fancy restaurant; not the one where we are cooped up in our rooms 24/7. According to Walnut High School student Ethan Anciano life has been difficult but he has hope: “Lockdown and this pandemic have been a bit harsh on the world, but it’s not going to hold the world down forever.”

We must not get our hopes up too high– we’re not out of the woods yet. To ensure that America and the rest of the world gets back on their feet faster, we must maintain social distancing and continue to wear masks despite our discomfort with wearing them all the time. 

In time, we will continue to enjoy the pleasures of life that the world has to offer, but we can’t let our guard down yet. Who knows, if we continue to bear with it and follow the guidelines, we might even pass through the storm with flying colors by the end of 2021.