Purchase Your 2020/2021 Yearbook


Arianna Magana , Freshman

Although this school year is different from previous years, there will still be a yearbook for our 2020-21 school year, so you don’t want to miss it. 

This year’s theme will be based on the movie UP.  The students in the yearbook class have been working really hard to make each yearbook unique for each school year. This year’s yearbook will be more unique than those of prior years because it focuses on the personalities of our fellow Nobles. 

It has not been easy to come up with this yearbook, explained Ms. Najar, the yearbook advisor: “Creating the yearbook has been our greatest challenge. We are still struggling. We have gotten many great ideas to be able to interview students…[and] we rely on friends and teachers willing to help out.” 

One of the most thrilling new aspects about the yearbook is that the deadline has been extended. Ms. Najar states how she’s “excited that this year our deadline is extended, so we will get graduation in there.” 

This yearbook will be the most memorable our school has produced to date, as it has been very different and it has brought new challenges to the students and teachers. Everyone has been staying strong and just trying to finish off this year. 

Even though this year has been unprecedented, purchasing the yearbook is the perfect way to remember such a unique time in our lives. It will be a nice way to remind you of how much you overcame throughout this past school year.