RUSD Tutoring Services


Samantha Blandon , Senior

Rowland Unified School District is offering free tutoring services for students attending Nogales, Santana and Rowland High School. Many students are struggling with their school work during distance learning, seeing as it is a drastic change from in-school learning. Students can receive help with their assignments, get feedback on their essays and get some assistance to study for tests. 

The tutors are college students, but the zoom meetings are moderated by teachers from both Nogales and Rowland High School. These sessions are held throughout the week from 3:30-7:00 PM, but on Wednesdays they begin at 10:30 AM-7:00 PM. 

This service is provided by the school district to guide students to work through any difficulties they are experiencing and help them in any way possible. Program specialist Patricia Mendoza claims, “The college tutoring program brings opportunities for students to have individualized support with flexible scheduling. Students can count on getting support by any of our college tutors assigned to them based on their need.” 

Due to COVID-19, schools have been closed for almost a year now, which takes an emotional toll on many students and affects their ability to concentrate on their education. Our educators want to ensure that students continue to persevere through these hard times. Students from grades 7th-12th can benefit highly from these services. 

If you are interested in participating in these online meetings, simply sign into the Google Classroom with the code: 3k44rbk. The zoom links will be found under the google calendar link in the classwork tab. Students just have to click on the zoom link on the day of the week they want to receive tutoring. There is no appointment needed as stated by Patricia Mendoza, “Students can hop in any time and they will be assisted by a teacher who will place them in a breakout room with a tutor that specializes in the subject they need support for.” 

There are different tutors for each subject, so you can get the help you need. The online meetings provide students with individual assistance and gives them the chance to meet people with experience in managing school and a busy schedule. 

Various tabs include different subjects available for tutoring such as Algebra, Geometry, English and SAT Prep. The college students and teachers offer insight on themselves via video under “These are your tutors!!” in Google Classroom so you can get to know them better.