Super Nintendo World finally opens in Japan


Boston Wu, Junior

After 8 months of delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal Studios Japan has finally announced that its Mario-themed wonderland, “Super Nintendo World,” will begin opening its doors to the public on March 18th.

Originally, the Osaka-based theme park was planning to open ahead of the postponed Olympic Games last summer, but COVID-19 had other plans by sending the world into lockdown. 

After the initial blow, according to Walnut High School student Cory Tran, the theme park was “… scheduled to open last month on February 4th– however, Osaka declared another state of emergency due to a massive spike in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations.”

 As a result, the opening date for Super Nintendo World was postponed yet again. After some trial and error, Universal Studios Japan eventually managed to score an opening date after a brief and essential testing period where invited guests and special ticket holders were allowed to set foot in the theme park.

Based on numerous photos of the yet-to-be-experienced theme park, Super Nintendo World will incorporate many elements found within their Mario games. According to Time Out, the experience will feel a lot like moving through a Mario game — but in real life. By punching the iconic Mystery Blocks, you can “… collect virtual coins and items as you explore.” 

Aside from being immersed into the fantastical world of the Mushroom Kingdom, they also stated that each visitor would be given a special “Power-Up Band,” allowing them to collect coins and compete with others via an app on their phones. Other attractions include a real-life Mario Kart track, Princess Peach’s castle, Bowser’s Fortress and Yoshi’s Adventure ride — all of which are bound to create lines that go as far as the eye can see. 

However, if you intend on going to Japan to experience the Mario-themed wonderland for yourself, here is some information that you should take into consideration before packing your luggage. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in an effort to slow the spread of this disease, Universal Studios Japan will limit the number of people allowed into the park at any given time. Furthermore, you’ll need to buy a Universal Express Pass (in Japanese only), which allows you to enter and experience Super Nintendo World to the fullest — at a designated time of course.