Review of Ginny and Georgia, a must watch on Netflix


Alexandra German , Freshman

On February 24, 2021, Netflix released a comedy-drama show called Ginny and Georgia.

Georgia, a free-spirited mother played by Brianne Howey and her kids Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and Austin (Diesel La Torraca), move to a different town for a fresh start, but run into problems along the way. 

In a way, every character in the show is the main character; they each have their own story. However, the show’s overall primary focus is on Ginny and her mom Georgia. Georgia has an interesting past, and Ginny feels as though she does not know her mom because she is unfamiliar with her mother’s past and family. 

Ginny’s mom tends to be a bit problematic at times, which causes Ginny to transfer schools regularly because they often have to move away as soon as Georgia has issues. Georgia’s secretive nature often leaves Ginny confused and frequently makes her feel more mature than her own mother. There was one specific line that Ginny had said: “Sometimes, when I catch my mom at a certain angle, it feels like I’m looking at someone I don’t know.”

On Ginny’s first day of high school, she befriends her neighbors, who are brother and sister; Marcus and Maxine. Ginny specifically becomes closer to her next-door neighbor, Marcus, and she develops a special relationship with him.

Many young audiences enjoy the show Ginny and Georgia. It was rated No.1 in the U.S., on Netflix. National Public Radio (NPR), explain it favorably by, “compar[ing] it to Gilmore Girls, another popular show about a young single mom, and a teenage daughter in their own town that has its own gossip and secrets.” 

Overall, this series is very entertaining and highly recommended to those who are interested in the drama and comedy genres.