Online Art Exhibit: Postcards from Nogales


Kim Espinosa, Senior

On March 13, 2020, Nogales High School students attended in-person class for the last time, without knowing it was going to be their last time for a long time to come. Since then, students have been learning online via Zoom and Google Classroom this school year. Mr. Sotelo and Ms. Wei, teachers in the art department at Nogales, created an art exhibit titled, “Wish You Were Here,” showcasing the school after it had been completely vacant for over a year.

Taking inspiration from teachers, the art exhibit includes over 100 pictures taken at Nogales sent in by dozens of faculty members. At the beginning of the exhibit, you can see a postcard that is from the school campus towards the students and staff of Nogales, which expresses how much it misses them. 

The pictures that are taken show an empty school with no teachers or students in sight, showing how lonely the school has been for the past year. You see pictures of the entire school campus from the quad, to the library, to the football field and the administration building. Many teachers, staff and aides contributed to the exhibit by adding their own pictures of their classrooms and the hallways.   

When asked about the inspiration and purpose of the exhibit, Mr. Sotelo said the following: “Inspired by the concept of ‘Wish you were here’ postcards, the exhibition was created as a ‘love letter’ to the staff, students and parents of Nogales High School who have been gone for a year.” 

Kaleigh Salinas, a sophomore at Nogales, expressed, “It’s weird seeing the school so empty and seeing that the places that were usually full of students are lacking the life that once filled them. I wish we could go back to school on campus.” 

Hopefully, sooner than later, students will be able to return to school in person and fill our beloved campus with life once again. The art exhibit can be found on the Nogales High School website under the art portal.