New movie on Netflix: Moxie


Julia Salas , Freshman

Amy Poehler is director of new feminist movement movie on Netlfix: Moxie.

Vivian Carter, an ordinary shy teenager played by Hadley Robinson, unexpectedly encounters signs of sexism in her high school. She anonymously publishes a small work of original texts and images calling out her school’s sexist practices after becoming friends with the new fierce girl, Lucy, played by Alycia Pascual-Peña, who stands up to the football team captain, Mitchell Wilson, portrayed by Patrick Schwarznegger. 

After seeing how much attention her first pamphlet received, Vivian is inspired by her mother’s past, resulting in her publishing more papers. It eventually goes on to become a feminist protest. 

Today, Sexism is a problem everywhere, and having to play the bad guy and be a part of the problem wasn’t too appealing to actor Patrick Scharzenegger. In an interview he shared, “I’m very far removed from this type of character… It sucks to play the villain and just a terrible guy. He’s just disgusting on multiple levels, so it was kind of tough. But at the same time, it was great to be able to be part of this overall project and message and work with someone like Amy Poehler and Netflix.”

An Interviewer with Vouge India asked Amy Poehler, “Does the feminist awakening that occurs at Vivian’s high school in Moxie mirror the one that happened in the industry post-#MeToo? Have you seen it bring about real change?” Amy Poehler responds, “A true activist never feels like we’ve gotten far enough, but over the past 20 years, I’ve seen things change in terms of the types of stories being told and the people telling them. Gatekeepers, the people making decisions about what gets made are starting to change too, and that’s exciting… one of the things that Moxie has taught me is that we have a lot to learn, and when we get older, we have things to unlearn… many of us can relate to Vivian when we look back at our own behavior.”

This is a wonderful movie to empower and inspire young women to fight for their rights as human beings. Whether simply agreeing with someone with a feminist perspective or going out to write your own sotry, Moxie is a movie worth watching.