Chemtrails Over the Country Club: Lana Del Rey’s Seventh Studio Album


Alex Silva, Junior

After a six-month delay, Lana Del Rey finally released her highly anticipated seventh studio album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, on March 19, 2021. 

Like its predecessors, Chemtrails Over the Country Club (COTCC) has that iconic Del Rey sound that has become her niche in the music industry. Unlike most artists, Del Rey never reinvents her sound but instead alters and refines it, and this album is no exception to that tradition.

With a 45 minute running time and 11 tracks in total, COTCC reminisces the time Del Rey spent in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska, obtaining that country-folk sound that is scattered throughout the album. Through her angelic vocal croaks and lullabies, Del Rey confronts her bittersweet relationship with fame.

“Dark but Just a Game,” traverses the more dangerous side of fame. Del Rey raised a lot of controversy in the past when she was accused of romanticizing the deaths of young and upcoming artists, becoming yet another reason why she doesn’t want her fame. She created a facade through her music but sang about how she refused to change for society because she doesn’t want to go crazy; “We keep changing all the time/ The best ones lost their minds/ So I’m not gonna change/ I’ll stay the same.” 

Despite the darkness, Del Rey acknowledges the light that also comes from fame by paying tribute to the women she has met along the way in her last three tracks, even co-writing a song, “Breaking Up Slowly”, with Nikki Lane. She sings her confrontation with fame in the song “Dancing Till We Die” with the lyrics “We’ll keep walkin’ on the sunny side.” 

Although highly anticipated, COTCC received mixed reviews from critics as well as her fans. Nogales English teacher, Ms. Ellis felt that “[she could] only get into about 2 songs from Chemtrails. Overall, good, not great.”

On the other hand,  fellow noble Marco Botello shared that he “actually really loved her album.” 

Pitchfork gave Chemtrails Over the Country Club a 7.5 out of 10, which is a fairly standard score given to a satisfactory album. Dubbed one of the greatest American lyricists of our generation, Del Rey continues to woo millions of fans through her heartfelt paean national pride and melodic-filled harmonies.