Third stimulus check worth $1400


Brianna Johns , Freshman

President Joe Biden approved the latest stimulus check to help people who are struggling financially during this pandemic. The bill is expected to include brand new direct payments of $1,400 per person for those who qualify. 

 Single families with one parent earning more than 75 thousand dollars per year will not qualify for the stimulus check; only people who make below this amount will receive the money. This also includes college students, senior citizens, and married couples who file separately. 

Others who qualify for it are people who need money for deceased loved ones, such as requiring money for funerals. President Biden has put this bill in order because he wanted to give people a “fighting chance.” Isabella P. stated “It’s good that our president cares for and acknowledges the people who are struggling. He is so much different than our last president.¨

Many believe that the stimulus checks will be extremely helpful during these hard times where people have been out of work or hurting financially. “I think that the stimulus check is great and will do a lot of good helping people,” explained Nogales student Maria S.  

Another Nogales student, Rosemary S. mentioned, “I think the stimulus check is beneficial to people who really need it, especially with the pandemic and everything having to close down.”

People who see direct deposit payments in their bank account may need to wait until March 17th to access the money.

The stimulus check is a tremendous benefit for many families and couples in need of assistance.