New safety and health regulations for Staples Center


Samantha Blandon, Senior

On Thursday, April 15th, Staples Center reopened to the public with new safety and health guidelines. The arena’s first event with public entry was an NBA match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. 

Due to a decline in COVID-19 cases and the vaccination rollout, amusement parks and stadiums have been given the green-light to open to the public once again. 

The staff of the stadium took extra precautions to secure the well being of those who attended. President of Staples Center, Lee Zeidman, explained, “We’re following the state guidelines. We’re following the NBA and NHL guidelines. We have made major changes to the building to make you safe.” Adjustments have been made inside the stadium to follow safety regulations  such as placing hand sanitizer all around the arena, requiring face masks, enforcing social distancing, and implementing contactless payment methods with the exception of credit and debit cards. Attendees also had to show their vaccination card. 

Fans were not excited that they implemented a ban on bags, backpacks and purses of all sizes. However, Staples Center is allowing items that fit in people’s pockets. The venue has restricted food and beverages in the seating area because masks must remain on due to Staples Centers being indoors. In response to this new rule, the stadium has an outdoor eating area with food trucks and other items for purchase. 

Despite the new rules and guidelines, plenty of basketball and music fans are excited to experience the in-person attendance like they used to before the pandemic. Nogales student Arianna Monreal shared, “It’s pretty cool that they’re reopening, it feels like we’re finally going back to how it was before the pandemic. I also really missed concerts and can’t wait to enjoy them again.”