California Adventure’s new Avengers Land


Arianna Magana, Freshman

On April 8th, 2021, Disneyland officials announced that Avengers Land is set to open on June 4th at Disney’s California Adventure Park. 

New details have been released, giving the public more information about the newest addition to the theme park. This has caused fans to be very excited as they anxiously anticipate its opening.  

There will be a 3D attraction that is based on Spider-Man and guests will also be able to meet the superheroes in person. To add on, a new restaurant will be available in Avengers Land. 

New gift shops will be added, where fans can explore and grab as many Marvel-related goodies as they please. A stunt show featuring Spider-Man and his webs will definitely catch a lot of peoples’ attention. 

Due to the pandemic, the opening was postponed by almost a year.  According to Disney Tourist Blog, “Originally, the Avengers Campus was scheduled to open last July, but that obviously was not possible due to the still-ongoing closure.”

There are stages with Disneyland’s construction of Avengers Land. Despite opening in a few months, the site will be in development for many years. Disney Tourist Blog stated that “In a few years, the third phase will be completed with the Avengers Headquarters attraction.”