Netflix review on the college admissions scandal: Operation Varsity Blues: The College


Alexandra German, Freshman

This past March, Netflix released a docudrama titled Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal, which was based on one of the largest college admission schemes that was discovered in March of 2019. 

The primary focus of the documentary is on Rick Singer, who is played by Matthew Modine.

Rick Singer is the mastermind behind the illegal enterprise which collected tens of millions of dollars from parents who paid him to pass their kids off as star athletes in order to be admitted to prestigious colleges, bumping other students out of their deserving spots. Rick’s phone calls were caught and recorded by the federal government. 

The Netflix documentary shows Rick having a phone call with Gordon Caplan, saying, “We help the wealthiest families in the US get their kids into school.” These wealthy families paid Singer $25 million altogether to bribe coaches and university administrators into admitting their children without having to go through the regular admissions process.

Rick Singer would photoshop kids’ faces and bodies to depict them playing a variety of sports, to show colleges that these students participated in athletic activities. However, some of these kids didn’t even have a clue that their parents were cheating for them. Many celebrities were involved, including Louri Loughlin, Jane Buckingham, and Felicity Huffman. Thirty-three parents were charged as guilty of having been involved in these schemes between the years of 2011 to 2018. 

Rick Singer was exposed by someone who was arrested on an unrelated security charge and traded information. As a result, his entire scheme was revealed to the media and the world, outraging people and the calls for justice.