Major theater chains reopening in California


Ashley Castro , Freshman

Due to this current pandemic, it has taken quite a while to start reopening places we used to go to every day. The outbreak of COVID-19 caused numerous places to shut down, and many of them have not opened since, or at least have not opened to full capacity quite yet. However, it was announced in March that theaters have now reopened, with restrictions of course.

AMC, Regal and Cinemark have now opened up their theaters to the public, giving people the opportunity to see a movie with snacks and reclined seats. If you are willing to watch a movie inside these theaters, you must follow the guidelines which include wearing a face mask at all times unless eating or drinking food. If you aren’t feeling well, it is advised to stay home and to take proper precautions. Anyone who does not wear a mask will not be allowed in, although the theaters might be able to provide one. 

Though theaters trust their members and customers to follow the rules, not all people are following them. Junior Jennissie Castañeda shared, “There are some people who don’t have a mask on for the whole movie and they aren’t eating either.” 

All theater chains, especially AMC, are following the protocols with cleaning in order to keep everyone safe. Freshman, Raylene Ramirez explained, “The seats are separate and they clean the seats after every showing. That’s what I feel most safe about when going.” 

Theaters are only allowing the auditoriums to be filled half way for the safety of guests and workers.  “The health of our guests and employee teams comes first for AMC. Therefore, effective immediately, at all our U.S. theaters that are open, we will limit ticket sales per showtime in each of our theatre auditoriums to a maximum of 50 percent of normal seating capacity and a maximum of 50 people, whichever is less,” announced AMC Theatres CEO Adam Aron.

If you are interested in watching a movie at an indoor screening with any of the following theaters: AMC, Regal and Cinemark, you must follow COVID-19 guidelines.