Nogales Summer School 2021


Brianna Johns, Freshman

Due to the continuing improvement of the pandemic and the decrease of COVID-19 cases, Nogales has decided to open up for summer school. From June 7th to July 9th, students will be able to attend summer classes to retake a class or to get ahead.

Summer school will start at 7:30am and end at 12:30pm. There will be no school on July 5th, 2021 due to Independence day. 

There will also be online classes for people who don’t wish to attend in-person school for the summer. However, if students wish to attend in person, they will have to follow COVID-19 regulations. Classes will have about 14 students and one teacher per class for safety reasons, while online classes will have about 45 students per class.

For safety precautions, students who attend school in person will have their temperature checked every day. It is mandatory for everyone to wear masks all day while on campus. Wednesday check ins will not apply in summer school.

Miss Najar, one of the English teachers for the summer explains that she does not like to get bored when school is no longer in session: “I teach summer school to keep me busy throughout the summer and to pay the bills.” 

Summer school is the perfect opportunity to catch up on classes where students earned a D or an F.  Miss Najar explains, “Many kids attend summer school for different reasons, perhaps they didn’t earn enough credits throughout the school year or they simply want to get ahead.”

Summer school is a great experience and opportunity whether for taking go-ahead classes such as health or geometry or retaking a class with a low grade. Nogales offers this time for students to improve their high school experience.