Netflix’s mafia-themed K-Drama Vincenzo: dark yet whimsical

Boston Wu, Senior

Are you in dire need of a new show to watch to help pass the time which moves by at a snail’s pace? Are you a diehard fan of Korean dramas? Well, if you meet any of the criteria listed, then Vincenzo might be the perfect show for you. 


Since its initial airing on May 22nd, one of Netflix’s most recent K-Dramas, Vincenzo has been taking the online streaming world by storm with its dark, yet whimsical storyline and cast of lovable characters. 


The story itself is centered around Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong-ki), whom according to Nogales High School student Madelyn Wu, is a calm and collected individual who serves as “the lawyer and consigliere to the Cassano family, one of the most powerful mafia groups in Italy.” However, after a betrayal from within the family, he flees to his native homeland, South Korea, for the sole purpose of recovering 1.5 trillion won ($965 million) worth of gold buried underneath a decrepit plaza. 


To Vincenzo’s surprise, he finds himself collaborating with the endearing but feisty lawyer, Hong Cha-young against a company known as Babel Group, who have recently taken illegal ownership of the building. As Vincenzo makes haste to reclaim ownership of the building and recover his lost fortunes, he simultaneously fights against Babel to defend the rights of the kind-hearted, yet mysterious tenants who reside in the building and delivers justice to those who are corrupted with malice and greed in the cruelest of forms imagined.


While the series is known for its tragic turn of events, it is also accompanied with moments of laughter from both the audience and the cast– everyone who has watched this show ended up “wheezing every night” due to how chaotically entertaining each of the characters are.