Nogales prepares for its first rally in over a year

Brandon Duarte, Senior

The homecoming rally is anticipated to be the first major event this school year. It is scheduled to happen September seventeenth, during third period in the gym, freshmen through seniors.

The homecoming rally is an event for all students to have fun and show school spirit. An important part of the rally are the competitions that go on among each class to see what class can win the most activities while cheering on their classmates.


Junior, Edwin Navarro is curious about “how the assembly will be organized under all the covid implications.”


The jaded consensus on rallies may have changed for the reason that half the students have not attended Nogales for over a year and a half, and they are excited to be back.


ASB is in charge of planning the rally. ASB member, Britney Martinez feels confident with this year’s rally: ¨ASB constantly works hard to fulfill the expectations of the students.¨ They want to create a vibrant environment for all students with the ¨enjoyment of competing against neighboring classes.¨