Comedy movies to watch on Netflix

Anthony Rodriguez, Freshman

Discovering funny movies that make you laugh is a struggle sometimes. If you have Netflix, there are a few films where hilarity is almost certain. 


2009’s Zombieland follows Columbus, a shy student on a journey for his family, while a zombie apocalypse breaks out and quickly sweeps the world, leaving hardly anyone left. Following a strict set of rules of his own design, Columbus tries to survive through the outbreak, trying to find a place he can call home. Zombieland is a rated R movie.

Perri Nemiroff of Cinema Blend explains how this film has it all, as it is “packed with the genre’s standard overdose of blood and guts. Add in a charming band of misfits and you get something thrilling, hilarious and sweet, all at the same time.”


1997’s Good Burger follows Ed, an innocent airhead who is the cashier at a small burger joint that gets quickly taken out of business by a futuristic burger restaurant across the street. When Ed creates a sauce that puts Good Burger back on the map, some issues arise. Good Burger is rated PG.