OPED: Migos 4th album Culture III: Hit or Miss?

OPED: Migos 4th album Culture III: Hit or Miss?

Alana Morales, Junior

Popular rap trio Migos recently released their highly anticipated new album Culture III.  The album was released on Friday, June 11th on all streaming platforms, giving listeners nineteen new songs including features by several popular artists. 

There are a total of eight features, which consist of artists like Drake, Cardi B, Justin Bieber, Juice WRLD, and NBA Youngboy.  This is Migos fourth official album after three years of strictly releasing singles and features.

Considering the amount of time since their previous album and the number of features the album included, Culture III is a decent album, but I expected more and found myself a bit disappointed after listening to it. 

Several of their songs were repetitive and generic sounding especially, compared to their previous albums. A few listeners feel the same way: Shay C, a commenter under the album’s google review writes “Couple of good songs but felt a bit rushed compared to their last two albums.” Some find the album down right horrendous, Avrie Murdien states “This album is so awful. You have the same beats that just don’t slap the same as culture 1. It’s like a worn down version of any culture, generic beats, basic lyrics.” 

Culture III was not a complete disappointment.  A few songs did stand out like: “Picasso” (feat. Future), “Time For Me”, and “Light It Up” (feat. Pop Smoke), with their different rap flow and beat which impressed me. 

Overall I would rate Culture III a solid seven out of ten.  I would not recommend buying the entire album but rather to stream it first then purchase the certain songs that stand out to you.