The Success of Nogales Pre-season Football Games


Kevin Pedroza, Junior

The school year has begun which means football and girls volleyball teams have already started their pre-seasons. 


The girls volleyball team kicked off their preseason game on Monday, August 16, 2021 against Covina High School and won with a score of 3 sets to 2 sets.

Girls varsity volleyball member Catherine Buan had post game thoughts about the team and their performance.“It felt like a well deserved win because of all the hard work my teammates and I have put in throughout all of our training. I see my teammates as devoted players, enthusiastic individuals and show their passion for volleyball while playing on the court.”

The Girls junior varsity volleyball team also played against Covina High School on the same day with another win for Nogales. 

The varsity football team had a scrimmage against Buena Park high school on Friday, August 13, 2021. 

The varsity team will start their season with a preseason game against Baldwin High School in an away game with their first loss of 48-6. 

Hector Cardona, a Junior on the varsity football team showed some confidence in his fellow players, “I actually believe in my team, we are changing the culture within itself and we are going to have an amazing season. Everyone on the team is talented in their own ways. When we put in the work , we are always giving it our 100%, I love our team and I really think that this season is going to be something special.”