Apex Legends: Everything New to Season Ten


Juan Perez, Senior

Just after four months of waiting it’s finally here, season ten of Apex Legends. With a new season comes new content, brought to us by the ELECTRONIC ARTS team. They are presenting a new legend to the game, a remodel to their world’s edge map and multiple exciting features and updates to the current legends.

Just a few weeks after Apex released their new season, they gained a significant amount of new players who are reinstalling the game,which means the game creators are doing something right.

 Adrian Flores commented about the new aspects of the game: ¨The new season is really well made and balanced. I really loved the add-ons on the world’s edge. I would definitely recommend.”

New Legend: Seer

 One add-on to the group of legends is called Seer, who is a tracker class legend. Seer might remind players of Bloodhound, because Seer’s passive ability is being able to track enemies heartbeats, and his ultimate ability is that he can create a massive sphere where he can have the player’s footsteps revealed. Seer even knows the amount of health that is left from the enemies.

The Apex team has also added a new weapon, the Rampage LMG. Jessie Campos was thrilled for this gun to be added to the new season: ¨I really like that it’s not overpowered but the damage and fire rates are good.¨  Apex’s new season was a great success for the game and the community.