California Scholarship Federation Club is open to new members


Melanie Mendez , Senior

California Scholarship Federation (CSF), is an association in which students who have illustrated extraordinary scholarly accomplishments are recognized. Students who want to be rewarded for having excellent grades each semester may be a part of the CSF club.

Miss Solano, advisor of CSF, claims that there are only a few but important requirements: “You are required to have A’s and B’s, but a D automatically disqualifies you. It’s necessary for you to apply every semester. An application and a copy of a transcript is mandatory, as well as 9 hours of community service and $4 per semester for a membership.”

Applications are online and transcripts can be handed into room M-205.

When interviewed about the benefits of being a member of the club, Solano states, “It’s an academic based club so it looks presentable on your transcript and colleges desire to see that students are capable of balancing their academics along with community services.” 

The CSF club often gathers to discuss any membership activities. Students contribute by helping raise money, which can go towards scholarships for members of the club. When possible, they also go on field trips to local California Colleges and Universities.