The Upcoming Events for September at Nogales


Hazel Medina, Senior

After over a year of online distance learning without events and interaction with others, Nogales has finally come back to the usual routine. There are a variety of events coming up in September. 

Running throughout September, the homecoming nominations will be held. This is your chance to nominate two of your classmates to be king and queen during the homecoming game and dance. ASB members will announce the two people with the majority of votes to be the Nogales 2021 homecoming queen and king. 

From September 13-16, the ASB team will be emplacing lunch activities for various sports teams to participate in. The athletes will have the opportunity to play games against another team, and students can watch the fun. 

The rally will be held on September 17, on the football field, so make sure to bring comfortable clothing considering that the weather will be hot. This year, the rally is held outdoors due to COVID-19 restrictions, although ASB explains the possibility that the rally may be pre recorded and watched from individual classrooms due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. 

Sports have now resumed and the homecoming game will be played on our new turf. Nogales will be competing against Workman High School on September 17.

On September 18, the official homecoming dance will be held, so don’t miss out on the chance to make memories with friends. The ticket prices start at $30 and will increase by $5 each week without an ASB card and $3 with an ASB card.

The club fair will also be open for students to learn about all of the school clubs on campus. It will be located between the B and C building at lunch from September 20-24.