Nogales is adapting to the COVID-19 standards


Morelia Razo , Freshman

After seventeen months of distance learning, we have finally returned to in-person instruction at Nogales High School. Re-adjusting to a new routine can have a large effect for some students and staff members. There are a variety of changes that people have to adapt to, especially with the COVID-19 standards and regulations. 

Multiple requirements have been placed to try to keep everyone on campus safe, such as social distancing, placing glass dividers on desks and wearing a mask. Some people have a difficult time adjusting to these restrictions. Freshman Lizet Salinas states, “This school year has been very uncomfortable, due to the fact that we have to wear our face masks throughout the entire day. Also, having glass dividers on the desks has caused learning to be extremely challenging because it is difficult to see through them.”

Some teachers do not enjoy weaning masks all day. Living earth teacher Ms.Weber, claims, “It has been complicated wearing a mask all day because I am unable to have a meaningful conversation with my students. I prefer to communicate with my students by standing near them and a way that I have adapted through these unpleasant times is by meeting with students individually at my desk.” 

It appears that being obligated to wear a mask is a major factor that multiple people are struggling with this year. However, we have to remember that a pandemic is still underway and very much existent.

A main point for this school year is to follow all the requirements in order to succeed in your education and health. Do not let these new standards be the downfall of your high school experience.