Kabul international airport suffers terrorist attack whilst U.S. troop withdrawal

Kabul international airport suffers terrorist attack whilst U.S. troop withdrawal

Brandon Duarte, Senior

In Kabul, Afghanistan, two suicide bombers attacked the main airport of the city, which killed 13 U.S. soldiers and over 160 Afghan civilians. The radical Islamic group called “IS” claims that they were behind the attack of August 26, 2021.

This happened during the ongoing U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was executed after a 20 year American occupation that was labeled as a war against terror. This departure from Afghanistan was quickly followed by the invasion of Afghan capital Kabul by the Taliban, a military and political organization who already controlled many provinces of the nation.

The U.S military was given until August 31st by the Taliban to fully pull out of the South Asian country without any conflict, and they have been taking Afghan civilians out of the state along with the troops. This attack was most likely done to take advantage of the opportunity to kill both U.S soldiers and those who were seen as traitorous Afghanis.

President Joe Biden responded to this attack in a televised speech threatening the IS: “we will respond with force and precision at our time, at the place we choose, and at the moment of our choosing.” 

Junior, Edwin Navarro thinks “it is messed up that we are going to abandon the people of Afghanistan after being involved in their country for so long.” He believes that the U.S. should protect those who are targeted by the Taliban and other extremist militant groups. 

This crisis has become very controversial, as the American public is split up based on their beliefs regarding the situation, which is a very gray area, as there isn’t a predictable outcome on the situation if either the U.S military leaves or stays in Afghanistan to retaliate.