Upcoming September Netflix releases

Upcoming September Netflix releases

Alana Morales, Junior

Netflix releases new series and movies constantly. In September, you can expect new seasons from popular shows such as The Circle, Money Heist and Dear White People. In addition to new seasons of popular series being released, Netflix is releasing their latest thriller film named Prey

The Circle is a popular reality competition series in its third season. This time, a new cast is competing for the $100,000 prize money through a social media based game where the contestants can either pose as someone or play the game genuinely as themselves. 

Next, the drama-filled thriller Money Heist is on its fifth season. The series is coming to an end as they release half of the season in September and the other half in December. Ebuzztoday, a news feed and magazine, states on an Instagram post that “The season five trailer shows the gang returning with anger and might. A lot of bittersweet moments can be seen.”

Dear White People (DWP), a popular strong Black leading series, returns, introducing their fourth and final season on September 22, 2021. Their Instagram page explains, “This season is going to be one for the books!” The DWP cast returns to Winchester University for their senior year, continuing to shed light on their institutional and racially driven injustices through a radio podcast with a hint of social drama occurring simultaneously. 

Finally, the new Netflix original movie Prey premieres globally on September 10th. This German film revolves around a group of friends on a hiking trip into the wilderness and in a thrilling turn of events, they find themselves in survival mode as they’re hunted by a hidden, mysterious shooter. 

Netflix’s lineup for this month gives many watchers much to look forward to with it’s new must watch list.