Protest against school dress code during lunch


Anthony Rodriguez, Freshman

On August 30th, a now deleted Instagram account known as “Nogalesactivists” announced plans for a protest against the school’s dress code, claiming it was misogynistic and sexist. 

Several took action during lunch, as a group of students held up signs critizing the school dress code.  

An Instagram account known as “nogalesdresscode” (later changed to “nogalesactivists”) surfaced on the platform, posting the clothing of students who were dress coded by school faculty. When observations were made in regards to who was getting dress-coded, the owners of the page began to talk about a possible protest being held at the school, as dress code protests were being held across other high schools. 

The protest lasted for about 10 minutes as the students chanted many anti-dress code phrases. This demonstration soon disbanded and lunch went on as usual. 

The protest ultimately accomplished very little in terms of impacting the current dress code, but it did spark questions and conversations pertaining to the school dress code amongst the students of Nogales.