IB pre-voter registration


Hazel Medina, Senior

IB Questers is having a pre-voter registration event here at Nogales on Tuesday, September 27, Wednesday, September 29 and Thursday, September 30. All teenagers who are 16 and older are eligible to pre-register during these dates at lunch in the MPR. 

Voting matters, especially in America. The voters between teenage years through young adults in their twenties are low. This particular demographic often believes that their vote does not make a difference; however, each vote is capable of making a drastic change.

Ms. Hidalgo, who thought up this event several years ago states, “This is about encouraging students to participate and be involved, especially in today’s times.” 

The registration will take place in the MPR where National Honors Society students will also be helping out and answering all types of questions. The goal for this pre-registration is to get teenagers involved in the country’s decisions and become an active citizen that will directly influence the government. All you need to bring are simple items such as your California ID or driver’s license and your Social Security number. 

Juan Valdez, the IB Questers president and head of the event says, “ It provides an opportunity for students to get involved in the community and be an active member of society. It can help make a difference in the direction of our nation.” 

This is an event meant to inspire students, get them ready to vote in the future and help them understand the registration process a little better.