Genshin anniversary leaves fans outraged

Genshin anniversary leaves fans outraged

Boston Wu, Senior

With Genshin Impact’s One Year anniversary being just around the corner, MiHoYo has been preparing a bundle of rewarding events to celebrate the game’s success as it soon hits its 1st birthday. Contrary to what MiHoYo expected from fans, the rewards for the huge celebration have brought nothing but outrage and disappointment.

The rewards MiHoYo had planned out for players are a series of contests that will award participants with a wide variety of delectable prizes. The prizes that could be won range from a free Blessing of the Welkin Moon pass (in-game daily login bonus), 100 Primogems (summoning currency), and a new iPhone 13 Pro Max. Most of these contests require submission of fan art, videos, photos or cosplay with rewards being distributed through a raffle. 10% of participants will be given the Welkin Moon Blessing with the remaining 90% receiving 100,000 Mora (in-game currency). 

The problems with these “rewards” however, are the fact that a player could obtain all of these rewards within a single day. The average player can acquire 100,000 Mora and 60 Primogems within 10 minutes, with the Welkin Moon Blessing costing a measly $5. 

In order to summon a new character or weapon, the player must spend 160 Primogems, with a ten-summon requiring a whopping 1600 Primogems. Considering that players can get up to an average of 60 Primogems a day, it would take around a month to do a ten-summon. For a guaranteed 5-star character or weapon, it would require 90 summons (9 months of gameplay) for those unwilling to spend money due to MiHoYo’s ridiculous prices. 

According to Walnut High School student, Ashton Abaya, the frustrating part aside from these disappointing rewards is the fact that “… MiHoYo expects their fanbase to churn out promotional content for a chance of winning 100 Primogems” 

Nogales High School student Madelyn Wu argues that these prizes do not demonstrate appreciation from MiHoYo: “MiHoYo has received such strong support from all of its players worldwide, and yet they can’t even give back a fraction of the love we have given them.”

Prior to its release, Genshin Impact has garnered over $1 billion worldwide within less than a year. With such rapid success early on and with a blindingly bright future ahead, it seems only fair that MiHoYo repays their fans’ kindness in full.