National Honor Society Inauguration


Danelli Roque, Senior

The National Honors Society (NHS) is a club that helps students set their future. To get into the club, you have to be sworn in during the inauguration which will be on Friday, November 5 at 6pm in the MPR. 

The members swear an oath to uphold the 4 pillars: character, service, leadership, and scholarship. The four pillars have been associated with the club since 1921.

Dr. Zelnick, the advisor of NHS, states the importance of students maintaining the pillars: “The National Honor Society is a national membership to help students carry on the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students who participate complete community service hours, show leadership at school, maintain a positive character and demonstrate dedication to their academic endeavors.”

Esperanza Mayorga, the president of NHS, tells us the purpose of being inaugurated: “The inauguration is to recognize students for being future scholarly leaders. It reminds them of their duties as citizens of this community.” 

If you did not have the chance to sign in for NHS this year, there is still next year for sophomores and juniors. If you have any questions regarding joining the society next year, Dr. Zelnick is answering questions in room M-207.