Nogales supports the Red Cross in student blood drive

Nogales supports the Red Cross in student blood drive

Hazel Medina, Senior

Nogales is having a blood drive on November 9 in which all students that are 16 and older are eligible to participate.

Many people on a daily basis are in need of blood, and Nogales students are given the opportunity to help someone else.

ASB, who is organizing the event, would like all students who are able to donate to participate in the blood drive. Nogales collaborates with the Red Cross and all donations are distributed to Red Cross hospitals and associates to save lives. 

Senior Esperanza Mayorga explains the amazing help this simple act entails: “ Donating blood allows for another person to see the beauties of tomorrow; their future is enlightened with possibilities.”  

ASB member Samantha Juarez expresses the importance behind donating blood: “be someone’s hero and donate blood. Do not let the opportunity for you to help save someone’s life pass by.”

The only requirement is that students need to be 16 or older and have a parent or guardian approval. There is also a weight requirement that needs to be met.

The blood drive will take place in the MPR on Tuesday, November 9th and permission slips will be given out a few days before it begins.