California Governor Stays in Power After Recall Election


Brandon Duarte, Senior

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, stays in his position despite a significant number of California citizens wanting to replace him with a new governor. 

The vote for Newsom’s recall started after 1.6 million people petitioned for his recall (4% of California), and ended on September 14th, 2021, after ballots were sent out to registered California voters to decide if he should stay in power or if he should be replaced.

The main group of people who supported Newsom’s recall were Republicans in California, as well as those who did not agree with how he conducted the lockdown of California during the beginning of the pandemic. The Republican candidates that ran to replace him included Larry Elder, Kevin Paffrath and Kevin Faulkner, with Larry Elder getting the majority of votes against Newsom.

Senior Jeffery Alvarez was affected by Newsom’s decisions and believed that “Newsom should have been recalled, he’s the reason I lost my job last year.” The main reason that many people were angered by Newsom during quarantine was because of how he treated businesses. Small businesses were forced to close down, leading to many companies and restaurants going out of business, which increased the unemployment rate in California. 

Most of the counties that had the majority of their respective populations vote for Newsom’s recall were in Central and Northern California. The final results of the election showed that 62.2% of California voters were against the recall, and 37.8% of voters in favor.

The animosity created in California because of both the support and opposition of Newsom was harmful for the unity of the state, and this event will increase the polarization amongst the two main political parties in California. But for now, the majority has spoken and Newsom reaffirms his position as governor.