Crystal Guard, the Newest Season of Rainbow Six


Juan Perez, Senior

It’s been a couple weeks since the Ubisoft developers gave us year 6 season 3 for Rainbow Six Siege. In this new season called Crystal Guard, new content is being brought to players. There are many fixes and reworks done to multiple maps this season.

In this new season, the Ubisoft team is offering a new attacking operator, Osa. Osa is a operator from Croatia coming in the game as a two speed and two armour attacker. This operator’s new gadget shield, Talon 8, has come to change the game completely. Talon 8 is something that might normally come from a defender but in this case, it is for an attacking operator. 

Torenzo Owings commented on the new operator: “I really like Osa’s gadget. It really changes the game and she has a strong loadout as well.”

This season the Ubisoft team decided to do multiple reworks. The maps included in these reworks are Bank, Coastline and Club House. Unfortunately, these reworks have not been very significant. The map with the most changes is Bank. 

Jessie Campos explained the lack of entertainment in this version: “It has not been a bad season but could definitely be better, unfortunately the game is not as fun as before.”

Overall, this season presents solid updates and content but sadly, it is just not enough. Ubisoft needs to do something different to attract people to the game. The new operator and the new way to play might be a good sign that the game is going to change for the better in the future.