RUSD is Offering Online Tutoring


Aileen Peres, Senior

Many students starting off this school year are still getting accustomed to in-person instruction for the first time in over a year. Rowland Unified School District has given the opportunity for students to get back on track with their academics with online tutoring.

Dr. Brumbaugh, Nogales Principal, explains how online tutoring is easily accessible: “Tutoring is now available through Zoom, similar to how it was offered last year: Monday-Friday from 4-7pm. You are welcome to post and share student flyers and we are also sending this information out via Parent Square and posting it on the website.” 

Tutoring is offered to grades 7 through 12. If you are interested, join Rowland Unified School District tutoring on Google Classroom, using class code 3k44rbk.

Nogales Counselor Denise Campos thinks this is a wonderful way to get help: “Students should take advantage of this opportunity and support, because there are still a lot of obstacles, stressors and even challenges this year post pandemic.” 

With tutoring available online, it can help students to get back on track academically, making it much more easier and convenient. 

Due to many factors such as the ongoing pandemic, many students struggle to keep up academically. Tutoring now offers all students an opportunity to grow accustomed to being back in school.