Dangerous TikTok Trends Reaching Nogales

Dangerous TikTok Trends Reaching Nogales

Hazel Medina, Senior

In early September, two new trends surfaced on social media platform TikTok. These activities consisted of stealing or destroying school property and sexually harassing school faculty.

Students are recording themselves stealing school supplies, trash cans and hand sanitizers, as well as destroying school property by vandalizing walls and damaging restrooms. Not only is school property getting destroyed, but students’ belongings are also being taken and damaged.

Nogales science teacher, Mr. Padilla, expresses how these views and likes are not worth the problem you are getting yourself into: “ It’s not worth the clout. You may gain a couple new followers but every time you do it you have to escalate and do something more intense.”  

The other trend that surfaced on the social media app revolved around students smacking a staff member. Doing so is considered harassment, which leads to serious trouble with authorities. 

English teacher Ms. Solano explains the error of viral ideas crossing the line from enjoyable to dangerous: “Overall, some of the tiktok ideas can be fun and enjoyable, but when someone posts a very stupid idea and tries to influence others to do things that are both naive, disrespectful and down right cruel, that’s when you realize society has to step up and say enough is enough.” 

Ultimately, these TikTok trends have gone way too far. People should consider that other students and staff do not find this entertaining at all. This can lead to very awful consequences such as school suspension and possibly even intervention of law enforcement.