Dia De los Muertos at Nogales


Kevin Pedroza, Junior

Every culture has its holidays and traditions. In Mexican culture, Día De Los Muertos is an important holiday.

Día De Los Muertos, translated to Day of the Dead, is always celebrated on the first day of November to commemorate and remember family members who passed away. 

The lives of deceased family members are celebrated through activities that honor the dead, such as the creation of small home altars with the pictures and favorite items of the loved ones who passed away. The graves of the dead are cleaned and decorated. Objects such as their favorite food or beverages are placed there as well.

Junior, Abigail Tepexicuapan Aguilar, who celebrates El Dia De Los Muertos, expresses the importance of the holiday in her family: ‘It is a day where we celebrate and remember our loved ones who passed away. It is a day to honor those who are not here with us anymore but are caring for us up there.’ ’’